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Building Little Humanoid Robots
Jan 8, 2017
One minute read

My average day life in Uni was went to classes during the day and spent the night in the lab. I did that since 2013 for a little bit more than one year when I was joining Uni’s robotic team. My team and I spent hundreds hours building humanoid robots to participate in a RoboSoccer competition and to learn and build something. We built the robot from scratch.

I remember we bought the alumunium alloy sheet from Amazon US, designed the robot parts with Autocad, and finally used CNC machines to cut and bend the alumunium sheet. The design was mostly inspired by DARwIn-OP. We wrote everything in C++, ran on a mini-pc with a lightweight linux OS (I forget the name). The vision was written on top of OpenCV library.

Here’s when I was playing with Alfa,


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