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How to Guess One's Blood Type
Nov 3, 2019
One minute read

We have that one friend who can guess your blood type based on your behavior. I’m curious if I can guess somebody’s blood type. After 1 minute of googling, I think there’s a good way to guess one’s blood type.

You can start by guessing O. Because about 44% of population are type O then you can have about 54% chance of being incorrect. But don’t worry if you’re wrong. You can use type A as your next guess because now your probability of being incorrect is 14%. It’s not bad, right? But, if you’re still wrong, guess B to have proability of being wrong down to 4%.

You’re unlucky if the person is type AB.

This is valid for US people because I use this data. According to this, different race or countries have different distribution. For example, about 45% caucasian people are type O while 51% for African-american and 57% for Hispanic are type O.

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