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Should You Get Odd or Even License Plate?
Dec 30, 2018
One minute read

We have an odd-even trafic policy implemented in Jakarta’s major roads. One of the roads is the road from my apartment to office. I have to hail a ride/taxi during even date because my car has an odd license plate, unless I’m okay with 90 minutes commuting time avoiding roads with odd-even policy. Pick that or just 15 minutes ride with Go/Grab car or taxi.

I tried to calculate which license plate give you more flexibility considering all holidays for the next 5 years. Keeping track the holidays is tricky because Muslim’s holidays use islamic calendar, Buddhist’s uses buddhist calendar, Hindu’s uses Bali calendar, and Chinese’s uses theirs.

It turns out that the difference is not significant. Odd license plate will give you 3 more days than even license plate (620 v. 617 days). If your place is affected by the policy but you want to have a car, please keep in mind that the utilization will be around 62.5% (weekend is included). The other 37% is when you cannot drive your car because of the policy, unless you want to take longer trip back home or wait until the hour passes.

I’d say odd/even license plates are just the same.

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